• Laura Rogers

    Laura Rogers

    SharePoint consultant, author and speaker, Microsoft MVP, complete SharePoint and Office 365 geek. SharePoint and InfoPath books: http://amzn.to/pGErkE

  • Eric Swain

    Eric Swain

    Digital. Social. Mobile. Love big ideas; hate bureaucracy, received wisdom and needless stupidity. COO for Equinet Media. Views are my own.

  • Arun Kumar Singh

    Arun Kumar Singh

    software Developer

  • Yoav Chernobroda

    Yoav Chernobroda

  • Parthi Karnan

    Parthi Karnan

    Tech lead @Epica studio

  • Ali Dehghan Tarzeh

    Ali Dehghan Tarzeh

  • André Lagacione

    André Lagacione

    Full-stack developer (Angular | Java | nodeJS) at HBSIS | AmBev

  • Danielle Brigida

    Danielle Brigida

    Using technology to help wildlife and connect with others.

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