I think a trigger warning may have been necessary for this article ;)

The key point I made in my article is that Appple do not adopt industry best practices in their development efforts. You only have to look at their phone chargers for clear evidence of this. They change the charging ports between different releases of the phones on a frequent basis. This is despite the rest of the industry having adopted USB over a decade ago.

There are many standards in software development that are common amongst platforms. For example Google and Microsoft both tend to follow many of the same industry best practices and technologies, as you would expect. But Apple never do. They seem to go out of their way in fact to do things “the Apple way” as if to prove a point. I don’t want to have to learn a completely unique way of doing something when there is already a clearly defined standard set by the industry.

One of their most ill defined and poorly implemented implementations was their GPS tracking function. The documentation and their official videos literally contradicted thelselves. This is evidenced by many question raised on Stackoverflow where developers wanted clarificaiton on its usage such was the level of ambiguity.

Apple developers are almost certainly inexperienced developers with little exposure to the rest of the industry. I think Apple would do well to bring in some more senior devs with greater exposure to what’s happening across the industry.

Just my 2c.

A father, cyclist, vegetarian, atheist, geek and multiple award winning technical author. Loves real ale, fine wine and good music. All round decent chap.

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